The Egyptian god of cats who all cats of the world follow. She is also workshipped by ghouls as the Chewer of Corpses - ingame description of Bast.
Her spells revolve around making your colonists stronger and protecting them.

 Spells: Edit

Tier one (Glanced):

  • Favor: Gives large amount of favor to the deity.
  • Divine Inspiration: Give all your colonists random inspirations.
  • Feline Aspect: Gives the executioner Feline form, making them feel less pain and making them better at evading attacks. Replaces their hands with claws, which do more melee damage but still retain 100% manipulation.

Tier two (Watched):

  • Summon Guardian: Transforms a tamed cat into a Guardian - a fully trained powerful feline

Tier three (Favored):

  • Sanctuary: Sends all attackers away. Has no effect on mechanoids.

Tier Four (Chosen):

  • Passage to A'aru: Ultimate spell. The small settlement is deemed worthy by Bast to enter A'aru.

Tips: Edit

  •  Feline Aspect adds a modifier to the body. This modifier provides Pain: x80%, Sight +10%, and Melee dodge chance: +7.5.
  •  Guardians spawn fully trained, never die of old age and their leather is expensive and comfortable.
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