Neither alive nor dead, Cthulhu slumbers in His home of R'lyeh. When the stars are right, he will rise again to conquer the world. Should we aid Him, we not only benefit from psionic powers, the tome promises our destruction will be quick and merciful. - ingame description of Cthulhu.
His spells revolve around physically altering your colonists and sending psychic waves to affect raiders and passing ships.

Spells: Edit

Tier one (Glanced):

  • Favor: Gives large amount of favor to the deity
  • Orbital Insanity wave: Causes a trade ship crash on your map. This will yield a large amount of resources the traders would be otherwise selling.
  • Aspect of Cthulhu: Lets you choose any organism on the map. One of their limbs will be replaced by a tentacle, giving the part 125% efficiency.

Tier two (Watched):

  • Psionic growth: Gives random colonist a growth on their brain. It gives them +20% consciousness and the ability to use three new psionic abilities. Affected colonist also lowers consciousness of an enemy when attacking with melee and has a chance to crush any of their body parts, inflicting serious pain.

Tier three (Favored):

  • Terrestrial Insanity Wave: Makes all enemies on the map insane and sends them fleeing in panic, leaving the map.

Tier Four (Chosen):

  • Awaken Cthulhu: Ultimate spell. The effects of awakening Cthulhu are unknown.

Tips: Edit

  • Aspect of Cthulhu can cancereplace colonists hands, arms, feet, legs and eyes of a colonist, each giving their respective part 125% efficiency
  • Replacing eyes give with Aspect of Cthulhu gives +15% sight per eye, replacing any other part gives +25% to manipulation, replaced legs give +6% to movement per leg
  • Aspect of Cthulhu can be used multiple times on one colonists, but has a chance to replace any tentacles already present. Can't replace any other prosthetics.
  • Giving a colonist Psionic Growth makes them incredibly powerful in unarmed combat, as attacking with the growth builds up Intracranial pressure, lowering the enemy's conscuiousness. In the final stage it makes lowers their consciousness to a maximum of 10%, incapacitating and potentially killing them.
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