This is a page to be improved later on by any means you can find. The particular topic of this page is the Mod "Cults" created to fit in the Call of Cthulhu mod collection, this particular mod adds new mechanics, researches, jobs, buildings and many other things to vanilla game. Remember this wiki is relatively young, so most of the things posted here will have great chances to change in the future.

About Edit

Cults mod enables your colony to start a cult, worship one or multiple eldrich deities and get powerful gifts in return.

As with any other mod in this modpack, you NEED Jec's Tools mod for it to work.

Starting a cult Edit

To start a cult, you need to build a forbidden knowledge center with the use of an occult grimoire. Building a forbidden knowledge center will give your colonist a new need: cult mindedness. If cult mindedness of a colonist raises above 75%, thy will get initiated into the cult or start a new cult if none exists. If it drops below 25%, the colonist will become hostile to cult and might attack cult members. Cult mindedness can be raised by attending sermons or by researching the occult.

Altar Edit

Every diety requires worship and to do that, you need an altar. The altar can have multiple tiers with the highest tier unlocking human sacrifice and the use of spells.

See more info on altar page

Deities Edit

Deities can be discovered with probe occult deities reseach. Each deity grants different themed spells to aid the colonists when worshiped.

See more info on deities page

List of deities: Edit

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