The greatest of the Deep Ones, Father Dagon. Deep Ones are immortal and continue to grow in size and monstrosity as they age. - ingame description of Dagon
His spells revolve around bringing sunken ships from the depths and command of his brethren, the Deep Ones

Spells: Edit

Tier one (Glanced):

  • Favor: Gives large amount of favor to the deity
  • Sunken Ship: Dagon grants you a chunk of a sunken ship, which can be deconstructed for wood, steel, plasteel and components
  • Treasures of the Deep: Dagon grants you a sunken chest, which contains jade, gold and silver and/or small sculptures

Tier two (Watched):

  • Defend the Brood: Summons a gang of Deep Ones. If you have a Sign of Dagon drawn, they will defend it from anyone until they die.

Tier three (Favored):

  • Bounty of the sea: Spawns a marine ship which may contain many rare materials but also its crew, insane sailors who guard the ship with their lives.

Tier Four (Chosen):

  • Orthogenesis: Ultimate spell. The path to the undersea city opens, your colonists become one with Dagon's flock.

Tips: Edit

  • Be careful when using Treasures of the deep as the chest can contain a lot of value, including gold, jade or silver sculptures of varying quality and can potentially skyrocket colony wealth
  • Always have a Sign of Dagon drawn when using Defend the brood, otherwise the Deep ones will attack your colony
  • Deep ones spawned from Defend the brood will attack any human or mechanoid in sight, including your colonists and visitors

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