The Unspeakable One is enigmatic. He does not reveal His methods, however, He dominates individuals by the spread of His book, The King in Yellow, and His symbol, The Yellow Sign. - ingame description of Hastur
His spells revolve around getting more people to the cult and keeping them in, also making their life easier.


Tier one (Glanced):

  • Favor: Gives large amount of favor to the deity
  • The King in Yellow Act I: Aquire a reproduction of the infamous play, "The King in Yellow". It is an artifact that when used, allows you to target and pawn on the map who will then be downed and become fully cult minded instantly.
  • Summon Byakhee: Summon a byakhee for defense and transport. Byakhee is a powerful monster capable flight. It can be loaded and used as a drop pod.

Tier two (Watched):

  • The King In yellow Act II: A proportion of the inhabitants will fall to a deep sleep for 5-6 hours. Upon awakening, they will get +15 mood bonus for 15 days.

Tier three (Favored):

  • Unspeakable Oath: The executioner gains a trait Oathmaker. When they die, they ressurect in a couple hours and gain a trait Reanimated

Tier four (Chosen):

  • Absorption by Carcosa: Ultimate spell. The small settlement is deemed worthy by Hastur to enter his realm and be absorbed by the city of Carcosa.
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