Nyarlathotep is the will of the Outer Gods and often acts as a direct agent in mortal affairs, posing as a mortal himself, sometimes serving in the very same cults that workships Him. Yet, He is ultimately deceptive, manipulative, and a spreader of discord and madness. - ingame description of Nyarlathotep
His spells revolve around the minds of your colonists, making each individual stronger.

Spells: Edit

Tier one (Glanced):

  • Favor: Gives large amount of favor to the deity.
  • Starry Wisdom: Transforms your executioner's mind into a psychopathic one. Psychopaths will also be turned cannibalistic.
  • Forbidden Knowledge: Grants a sizable bonus to your current research project.

Tier two (Watched):

  • Chaos Theory: Accept a deal from Nyarlathotep to live one's life again. This removes all incapabilities from the executioner and changes their entire backstory. They cannot gain other incapabilities during this process.

Tier three (Favored):

  • Dark Emissary: A new cult member joins the colony

Tier four (Chosen):

  • Pilgrimage to Kadath: Ultimate spell. Will you join Nyarlathotep in the dreamworld?

Tips Edit

  • When using Starry Wisdom on a pawn with 4 traits, the spell will have no effect.
  • Dark Emissary has a chance to spawn two cultists instead of one.
  • Colonists spawned by Dark Emissary will always come with devilstrand cultist robes and hoods. Their cult mindedness will start at 100%.
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